Fun-day β˜† It’s Sunday..

Sunday, The day people consider for fun.. But today for me, it was different, I am a “Social Worker” .. By that i mean – I am the “NSS – National Service Scheme” Chairperson/leader of my College..[Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics].. (I know i never said that – But yeah).. Under me and my Co-chairperson, there are 100 people working, we guide them and try to show them their potential..

Heading towards the Railway Station from my “Hostel”… The view is beautiful, specially the cold wind that touches your face …

Walking through the Railway track.. It’s actually a “Short-cut’ to the station.. πŸ˜‰

Waiting at the station for train.. it was 9:05 already.. Getting late.. The reaching time for the event was 9 πŸ˜…

This is the police parade… Yeah parade πŸ˜….. Couldn’t capture the whole part but just a glimpse of it … At The “Victorious Terminal/ Chattrapati Shivaji terminal”..

This is the main junction of mumbai ..

“The Churchgate Station”.. The First and the last stop of Mumbai for western line.

Not only the first but also the busiest.. Ohh, it was Sunday today, or else it is always over-crowded..

That’s my friend, help out the organiser of the “Blood donation Camp” to set-up the Camp..

A Glimpse of the entire “Churchgate Stn”

My team, Due to our exams only 8 of them very able to help for the noble Cause..

We Stood at Different corner, to attract people’s attention..

Refreshment time.. “Muttor Paneer and chapati with salad” and a water bottle ..

As we were done with the event, we got a gift of “100 rupees“… So party time at “Burger King”

Ice cream time ❀❀

Found this attractive, so it’s here in-front of you 😎

“THE INTER-CONTINENTAL” located at the most attractive place of Mumbai, “The Marine drive”

If you are getting bored at home, this is the perfect place to visit ❀❀😘

You won’t feel alone, because there are people all around you..

This place is also known as – “The Queen Necklace“.

The Perfect Sunset 😍😍

The “Trident Hotel“.. Famous and popular place of Mumbai 😘

Here it stand tall ..(I wish someday i could go on the top floor and look into the sea)

At the end, We have “Nariman Point“, A “Must” Place to visit in Mumbai..

Walking By the street … opps “Nariman point i mean” ❀❀

A music band… Grabbing people’s attention.. It was good listening to the song 😎

Here is the beauty of mumbai “The Victoria Terminal”.. The Whole World knows this place .. Do you know about it ?

Policeman helping an Old women.. humanity still exist ❀❀

That’s how the “Victoria Terminal ” looks from Inside 😘😘

At te end of the day, i hold a certificate that says “Donate Blood- Save life, Be a STAR”

A Single day, with lot of different experience.. This is India.. Everyday new opportunity at the door πŸ˜‡

——– Abdul Gani Punjabi

11 thoughts on “Fun-day β˜† It’s Sunday..

  1. Hi Abdul, what originally seemed to be an ordinary day of doing your work and going around town is anything but ordinary. It’s full of meaning and life. And a bit of travellers’ tips too. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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