Thank You πŸ˜‡

It was one month ago, when i started to write. There were shifts going on in my life. I recovered from the lowest level of motivation to the highest..

I just had something in me, telling me “The world need help“… The more i read, the more clear the view of world got in my mind.. Yes We are all suffering, in pain, and the worst thing is we act like nothing serious everything is “Ok” ..

I have read about ” The dark night of the soul, the enlightenment, the Ego, the awakening, and many more topic “. On facebook i had joined several groups, “Empath , the 11:11 moment , spirituality, philosophy, psychology, etc” everyday i saw something new, a new story. People would put their life story and would ask for guidance and prayer…

That’s when i learned, Age is not the barrier. I don’t limit myself now. I read all kind of stories, which i find “Interesting“… The reason behind writing stories on my blog was .. To help people know “They are not alone” … Through stories i believe we can change people’s mind..

Since childhood i had a great love for stories.. The difference now is, When i was a kid, I used to listen, and now i love to write…

Everyday Is unique.. I say it because i feel the time passing by..

This post was just to say

Thank You Everyone for following my blog, just yesterday i achieved “100 Followersso it’s an achievement for me “….

I hope you guys enjoy yourself here… I would keep updating poem,stories, and my adventure to

“Unknown” places…

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi

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