It’s Friday today, The most blessed day of the week…

So this is the mosque, where i pray Friday prayer.. It’s below my hostel..

Oh, i forgot to tell i Live in a hostel..

That’s the outer part of the mosque, where we gather to pray ❤

That’s the view of the other part of the mosque ! From the first floor of my hostel..

The inner-view of the mosque ! Believe me this place is so peaceful.. you will forget everything once you are in here…

This is place where i used to sit for hours, and ask myself.. “Why am i Still Alive ? What’s the purpose of my life ? Who am i ??

And now finally, I am blessed to be alive ❤.. Everyone faces up and down in life ! But never give up..

“I am the proof here” .

It’s just relaxing, and refreshing when you ask “The Almighty God” and your prayers are accepted ❤❤

Outside the Mosque – Due to less space on the inner-side .. They put up mats, so more people can pray comfortably 😊

And finally, it’s me ! It’s friday, the best day.. I meet someone new, my motivation levels increases, and my observations double…. The luckiest day for me – It’s Friday…

I think picture itself says a lot.. So instead of only writing.. I love to attach pictures.. So next time when i read my blog.. I must find it interesting 😉😉

——- Abdul Gani Punjabi