A trip to Worli Seaface ❤

Whenever i have holidays, the time seems to stop by. And it’s damn boring to sit at my place and do nothing. The bad part is “I don’t plan my day”, it just passes by. Sometimes it’s 1 pm and after few minutes it’s 3 pm. Most of the time when i am busy in typing for my blog, times flies 😅..

So it was just 2 days ago, when i just had lunch, and planned to do something different. And it was, get into an unknown bus, and get the ticket for last stop… I know it seems crazy. But yeah, it helps me ❤..

So i board this bus, and visited this BEAUTIFUL garden..

It’s Worli Garden, Mumbai, India.

A perfect Place to sit and read novel..

That’s what i did 😎

I found the pathway amazing, it seems like you are in a forest, but the way is clear for walking ❤

That’s the “Bandra-Worli Sealink” .. The bridge that links Bandra and Worli..

The Sunset was amazing, and the wind, just “WooW”

That’s the chair, where i sat, to see the sunset.. As you can see on the other side, couples are pretty busy, i don’t need to tell you what they are doing.. 😅 You just know it 😉

Tommy, that’s what i called him.. Wait a second.. What’s his name ?? 🤔🤔

On the way to the park, there was this structure of horse.. Read to fly 🐎

I have no idea what this monument stand for.. But i couldn’t resist myself.. I love taking photographs…

Yeah.. This is the Church i visited, I was passing by and saw people praising… I just went and stood there.. To see what actually they were doing ! (I am a Muslim, but i respect all religion)

You might be wondering, Who is this ??

So let me tell you – It’s the one who is writing this blog at night 1:26 am ..

It’s me …. ☆ Abdul Gani Punjabi

Oh yes, i forget to tell, this is a “Shamshan ghat” i don’t remember the word in English.. It’s the place where our Hindu brother burn their beloved one after death !

I found this building “Cute” … So let’s “Click a pic” 😍😍

India is an Amazing country, So much to learn, and specially infinite places to visit ❤❤

Proud to be an Indian..

—— Abdul Gani Punjabi

4 thoughts on “A trip to Worli Seaface ❤

    1. Thank You ! I too Love to view the whole world… I wish to go around the world, but until than, I prefer to watch the world through photos and Videos ❤❤😍

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