Walking at the road, 12 at night, the silence says yes your day was amazing and you are alive.

There is something amazing about this street- light, it gives me a message that says “Though i am alone, i give you light” … Trying to reflect the same in my life, Standing alone and let’s guide.

The yellow Colour attracts me more, than the white. The surrounding is covered with darkness and i am alone on the path that have lights. Not everyone is interested in this street- light. Because they are too busy with the device that had made them a prisoner in their own mind.

Is there anyone fond of this light, than i think, you are the person who can feel the depth in the hearts which people hides.

The dog barking standing below the light, the shadow scares me more then the dog infront of my eyes. The crow trying to give me a message, reach your home before evil touch your sides.

But i know there are great message hidden in this silence that surrounds the night. It gives me a chance to know myself and recall the things i did to reach the purpose of my life.

Did you had a look at the vast sky upside, containing billions of star, which the mind cannot counts even if you tried.

Imagine yourself walking late at night, the benches are empty, and the beggar sleeping next to the side. The voice of the Wind gives you a chill in your body, the person following you with each step you are moving, the shadow became huge when you stood and start noticing. A smile run through your face when you turned back and found your sweetheart following you through each and every step you were making under this yellow-street lights.

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi