The dead speaks ⚰

Yes it’s hurts when i see you crying, the tears that flows are not lying. I know this is sad, but i have to go, It’s time to say a Bye.

I really never lied, It was true i cried. But today sitting at my grave, i see you crying. Why is it so hard to get up and say “Hi”. The soil in which i am buried, is pressing me by my side. I know it was not right, to have a relationship before we get married and slept next to the side.

The pain is excruciating, and telling me, tell those outside. Yes love is true but don’t waste it on someone you are never going to marry in your life. It happens in teenages that we gets attracted to the opposite sex and try to get them in our life. But let me Ask you a question. Do you really love them or is it a Lust deep inside.

I am sorry to say, But the truth you had hide, deep down you know it’s not right. People get married an even they try, to get the girl who lives at that house down side. It’s time to stop and look at your inner-side. Are you really gonna get satisfied by having ### with someone else wife. If “yes” is your answer then believe me you have lost the path that guide us to source who has created us with a drop of sperm which do not hold any value when wasted aside.

Sometimes it’s better to speak up the truth and break those relationship which we know are never going to give us time. The Source(GOD) is more important, it gave us a book that teaches us that the right always wins and the wrong destroy.

Wake-up from my grave, and open that book which you find at the right side. It clearly says “Order for the good, and abstain from bad” , the bad only harms you, While the good make you shine.

I know it’s hard to convey this message, but the people who are alive, i have just one thing to say that will give you an insight. Once you die you think you won’t ever get up and will never have to give account for the deeds you did in this life. You think this life is just play and fun ,With no purpose and guide ?

It’s time to wake-up and look for the guide, he is waiting for you to give you a path that will surely Guide. How insane you are, You read the book but don’t understand what’s written inside. The message have been circulated long ago but you think the message will come to you when you ~ yourself don’t take interest to find out about the one who created life.

Yes.. Your tears matter, Even i cried but the cry this time is never going to help me because i have died. Seek forgiveness from God, He is the most merciful and he give chance every day until we die.

You are crying at my grave to show me how much you loved me ? or for the property i named to the orphan, you thought that property would be yours? after i die, giving me poison in my food and don’t even bothered to give me water when i cried.

Love ~ i thought you were the only one who would understand my suffering and give me a shoulder to cry, but what you are doing is crying on my grave for the property i gave in the charity, instead of your name writing on the properties file.

—– Abdul Gani Punjabi

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