You get things in a plate and you just sit and eat.

When they try to help you in cooking, you get depended on them and ask for the plate.

They try to guide you through their actions, when you follow them but are not aware how to act, you get lost.

And that fear kills you, and you again become depended on them.

But when they don’t provide you with help, you start searching for it yourself.

And then through following different people, in different ways you again face the things you fear, As it got build first time. And when you pass through that fear, the people you followed shows up and show you how beautiful things were and your fears disappears at the moment of time.

This is the time you realise, When people don’t help you with things, It’s your call to make changes in your life.

(Words of wisdom ~ deep meaning)

—- Abdul Gani Punjabi